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A Truth Beyond Words

Drawn down by age
And weight of what they’ve seen,
Our eyes will someday close
To sleep but not to dream

And this is how
The story goes:
Awake for just one day
And then we will be gone forever
But in our time we’ll see
A glimpse of what we are together

I’ve seen her in her
Several seasons
Which soon shall pass
And be no more
I’ve wrestled with her
Restless reason
And sought my solace
From her skin

I step into the hole
The man I was left yesterday
Her memory remains
Cause I feel the shape it made

I lie
Awake and listen
To you

Our lips only tell
The truth when we are kissing
Our bodies only lie when we are sleeping

And when we are alone
I tell you how I feel
But even though I mean it
It doesn’t make it real

We both believe
The things I say
Even though sometimes I fear
It’s only what we long to hear

But in the light of day
My actions speak a truth beyond words:

If all our love
Should disappear
Should vanish I’m the dust
The time we spent
Would still be pure
For love was born of lust